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I offer multiple services, including individual and group consultations, child/young person assessment, interventions, training for caregivers and family programs.​

I specialise in Autism-Autistic Spectrum Disorder / Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder / Dyslexia assessment; Education Health and Care plans drafting, ELSA training for Teachers. 


I use creative assessment techniques and therapeutic methods, Solution Focused Therapy and Narrative Approaches.​

Using a systemic approach, I focus on early intervention, working collaboratively with teachers, parents and carers, with the child/young person at the heart of everything we do.


Building a shared understanding


Gathering information

Intervention & Training

Supporting change and improving skills

India, MBACP Therapist

"Rose is a true professional who cares passionately about clients and what she does. Working with her was inspiring and motivating." 

Joe, pupil's parent

"Rose's intervention had a long term and positive impact on my child and family's lifestyle, and we are grateful for it."

Edith, Business Owner

"Rose is a very assertive and hardworking psychologist: her advice made a huge difference in our carers' approach and clients' support plan."

Chung, Art-Therapist

"A dedicated person. We need more empathetic clinicians like Rose to help children and young people through their challenging times."

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